Coaching is a powerful and collaborative engagement between a coach and an individual which result in thinking and positive change. The process of coaching empowers an individual to make changes they may not have been able to visualise or actualise on their own.

Great coaching is when you feel trust, curiosity, energy and excitement. It is when you feel the right level of discomfort, you are determined to take that step and there is no going back.

People come to coaching with Emma for different reasons; some are looking to find their sparkle again and others are determined to make substantial changes in their personal and professional lives. As a qualified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, Emma also works with clients who are struggling with their overall wellness and struggling to make changes in their life as a result. Emma also works with many clients looking to make the very brave step of setting up their own business.

We all have answers within us; coaching helps us to uncover these. Emma is a certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and uses EQi as a tool in coaching sessions for those interested in developing a greater understanding of their emotional intelligence skills. This can help clients identify those skills that enable them and identify blind spots and possible detailers of success.

If you are ready to roll up your sleeves with Emma, contact her on 087 9159045 for pricing and to arrange a session.