Working with a mentor is an important part of personal and professional development. Mentors can guide you through times when you need expertise and support to point you in the right direction.

Throughout her corporate career, Emma was a nominated mentor in the organisations in which she worked.

Having her own mentor has been invaluable for her in both her corporate career and owning her own business.

Emma mentors clients who may be looking to establish their own business or who are seeking support and guidance on their current roles within organisations.

“I chose to work with Emma as I was looking for a both a mentor and coach with demonstrated career experience. I was stuck in a job and a department where career progression was non-existent. Thanks to Emma, I was able to overcome my own obstacles and beliefs that were preventing me from looking for new opportunities. I quickly became determined and secured a highly skilled, senior executive role with a substantial salary increase in the company I chose. Thank you Emma for your coaching/mentorship.”