Working with Emma as my coach was an amazing experience. I came to Emma at a time in my life when I was unsure of my career path. Emma has the ability to ask exactly the right questions to unlock self awareness which enabled me to make changes in my life. She helped me to navigate through a difficult period to rebuild my self confidence and guided me on a path to start a new career which I am so happy with. I would highly recommend Emma as a coach. She is inspirational and will help you get your sparkle back in life!

Six magic words..
So about six months ago I reached a very low point in my professional career.My workplace of 16 years had been become quite dysfunctional and toxic and had to move on. Getting out was my only option for a shred of happiness but I lacked the courage and confidence to say "I'm leaving for a new job". The idea of even looking for a new job positively scared me let alone writing an updated CV.
Enter Emma Keogh. Over a series of five appointments I grew both professionally and as a person. Building on an online Emotional Intelligence test (eQi) I rediscovered my self, what my weaknesses were but more importantly that I actually did have strengths to move on and go look for a job and say those six magic words.
Going to see Emma was probably the best professional move I ever did and well worth the time, effort and expense. Anybody out there is contemplating going to see a Life/Executive Coach then look no further as I can highly recommend her.
The icing on the cake of this story is that in December 2019 I said "I'm leaving for a new job" and never looked back with any regret. I could't have done it without Emma's help so I thank her from my new desk and now walk into work with pride and sense of 'I can do this and am so much happier.

Emma has been a valued and trusted Coach and Mentor to me for a while now. Looking back I realise that I didn’t really know the difference between intellectual intelligence (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ) and how important the latter is to be a really good and effective leader in business. Emma is able to bring a different perspective on everything. She asks really good questions. With Emma’s support and guidance I have been able to focus my efforts on the strategic objectives for my business and provide real clarity to my team on how to achieve their goals and personal development. Probably the most important thing, Emma has really helped me separate my work life from my personal life and how to get the most out of both. I know now that you need a very good balance to be the most effective at work and at home. Emma treats everything with the utmost confidentiality and respect which is really important. I would not hesitate to recommend Emma as a Coach and Mentor.

General Manager

"When you look in the mirror, what do you not see? You don’t see your emotions. You may see yourself tired, pretty, happy, sad, you may smile, but have you ever asked yourself why? Well I have. I spend every day looking through my emotional mirror, and I love what I see. Before all I saw was a tired, sad, grumpy, drained and stressed vision of myself, but thanks to all the help and support I have received from Emma, I have learned to look at myself through my emotional mirror and now understand the intelligence I have to be in touch with my emotions, and now my life at 42 years old is just beginning. Emma, you are the United Nations (UN) of the mind. You provide understanding, peace, harmony and joy to the mind , and a new meaning to the term “mind yourself”. Thank you so much for all you have done for me over the past number of months, I can put my hand on my heart and say you have helped me change my life around, and all I can see now is happiness! "

Compliance Manager, Financial Services

“I worked with Emma at a time in my life when my children had found their feet, my husband’s business was very well established and when I felt it was time for me to fulfil my own ambitions. However as I had spent the last twenty years in the home and being out of the working world for so long I found that I had lost my confidence and wasn’t quite sure what it was I wanted to do next. So I decided to speak with Emma. With her help over the course of a few months I was able to shape my ideas into reality … She was encouraging, understanding, resourceful and had the skill to pull those ideas from the cobwebs of my head! Suddenly I had a plan and pretty soon afterwards I launched my business. Six months down the road I’m busy taking orders and delivering a quality product to my customers all over Ireland and aboard. Emma was able to help me gather and refine my ideas, and literally gave me the push to get started! I would like to thank her for all her help and her belief in me Trish (can you compress from ‘into reality’)”

Business Owner